WellyLUG have retired their regular meeting schedule and combined forces with other local tech meetups to create WOSSAT — Wellington Open Source Show And Tell. Please join us there to satisfy your monthly tech meetup needs.

Many thanks to everyone who presented and participated throughout the group's. It was a great ride!

The mailing list (details below) will continue to operate for linux related discussions

WellyLUG is a group that meets monthly to discuss topics related to linux and the wider open source community. There is no membership or registration process – if you're interested, just turn up.
If you're looking for linux help between meetings, use the mailing list or IRC.

Next Meeting

Meetings run on the third monday of every month, 6pm, level 3.

Front doors lock at 6pm, so aim to arrive on time.

Level 3, Catalyst House
150 Willis Street
Wellington [map]

The following talks are scheduled:

Get on the mailing list or contact Hugh if you'd like to volunteer to speak or suggest a talk topic for a future meeting.

Future Meetings

WellyLUG meets on the third Monday of each month.

If you would like to volunteer to speak or would like to suggest another topic, speak up on the mailing list or contact me (see below).

Mailing List

The WellyLUG mailing list currently has very low traffic levels - don't be afraid to subscribe :-)

Visit the list information page to subscribe, or to view the list archives.


The 'official' IRC channel for WellyLUG is #wellylug on irc.freenode.org.


For further information, please contact

hugh AT davenport DOT net DOT nz